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About this Book

Kylie Rose Kickin’ Cancer was the result of a story made up to tell my granddaughter, Kylie Rose. She entered the hospital  with a pediatric cancer known as a Wilms Tumor, which  originates in a  kidney. There were many doctors  and their staff, nurses  and aids, and Kylie didn’t understand  why there  were so many examinations. At five years old, she  did not  know  the  names  of internal organs, but she  knew the parts of an arm, hence the story was born. The book then  evolved to tell  the story  of  her  treatment, so children with various   cancers could  have  a look at  what they  may experience. The book will also benefit  friends and family who are new to cancer treatment. J. Bree Young is the illustrator; however actual photos of Kylie are included to help transition from an animation, to a real life experience.

For the Children

This book is dedicated to Kylie Rose Jacobs. She remained ever so sweet while enduring the punishment of cancer and cure to her frail body. When Kylie whispered, “All children are special” it brought tears to all, as she was in the PICU and intubated. She truly is Sweet, Strong, Smart, and Brave. SSSB.
I want to dedicate this book to all children who are battling cancer. Children should not have to endure this disease. Children fight with such a positive attitude, without knowing, they give us strength. 
About the Author
I have written poems for as long as I can remember. I would write a few ditties for my daughter and son as they were growing up, mostly about doing their chores, curfews, etc. I think they found them annoying. Most of my writings were for fun or love and would soon disappear. T’was the Night before Christmas would be rewritten several times for amusement over the years. Poetry was written to funnel emotions. My toast for the kids’ wedding were poems, as was obituaries for my parents and brother.  This poem for Kylie is also a result of an emotional situation, and was the escape from the feeling helpless
Bree Young is an Art Instructor and Entrepreneur with a Communications Degree from Bowling Green State University. Her love of being creative and serving others took her on a journey through printing, advertising and sales in Corporate America.  For this time period, she independently produced works of art for clients - including custom canvas and mural paintings.  After becoming a mother of two children, Bree used her talents to share art with others in classes by her company, Bumble Bree Art. In addition to teaching acrylic painting to groups locally both in-home and in various venues; she is often commissioned to create artwork. The book illustrated for Kylie Rose gave Bree the chance to demonstrate the strength and sweetness of a little girl with a spirit very similar to her father's (who also fought cancer). Bree is a lover of running, reading, writing and the arts and resides in Ohio.